Canuk 001

27th of Frostfall, 3E 404

Well, that was interesting. A messenger came from Emperor Septim requesting my audience near to midnight, and when I arrived I found only him and what I assumed to be one of his Battlemage advisors in his study. Not the most comfortable meeting for sure, but the Emperor's presence is something to admire. He has ordered me to leave on the morrow to the Kingdom of Daggerfall to put to rest the spirit of Old King Lysandus. Quite simple to be sure. I don't know what I did to garner his attention, perhaps the deeds of my father during the war against Tharn were greater than I was led to believe and he believes me equally capable, but it truly is an honor to have been personally selected for this task. I am to gather my things and meet the crew at the docks early tomorrow to set sail. The mission must remain secret of course, but I will write one last letter to mother letting her know that I am following in their footsteps and will serve the Emperor well.


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