Martigan 004

29th of Last Seed, 2E 582

Sitting around drinking the day away is all good and well for those who have made their way in the world, but a man who has lost his entire fortune in the past week is not so lucky. So I took a little stroll outside of Hunding today to see what I could scrounge up. I figured, a small island whose main port is ruled by an egomaniac brute, there had to be a few people that could use a gold-craving hand. Sure enough, just a short while on the road to Saintsport I ran into a crippled band of individuals that also have been having some troubles with our beloved Sea Drakes. 

The man, Trelan, said that last night an angry mob of the pirates simply ran over their camp and kidnapped two of their companions. He said that they've always been difficult to deal with, but he'd never seen them act so brazenly before (I wonder what could have caused that?). Anyway, after what I've seen of the Sea Drakes fighting abilities I wasn't too concerned, so I told him I'd take care of it. And naturally, just few hours and a handful of arrows later I was escorting a beautiful Dunmer and a wiley Khajiit back to their friends. 

Trelan said he was grateful, but his pay spoke otherwise. Maybe this treasure map I found on one of the Sea Drakes will lead me to something a bit more worth my time.

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