Mandalador 004

30th of Last Seed, 3E 433

I spent today on patrol in Anvil keeping an eye out for any disturbances. To my astonishment, apart from a handful of locals, most of the residents here seem more interested in the local gossip than the plight of the Empire. Rumor of a local band of female bandits was spreading, and despite the ignominious nature of the tale I felt that it was my duty to get to the bottom of the situation no matter what the source. 

The claim was that the gang had recently made the Redguard Gogan their latest victim. After a bit of investigating I learned that they like to target married men at The Flowing Bowl, so I purchased a bit of fine clothing and a cheap ring and made my way to the docks. Sure enough, soon after I arrived I was approached by two beautiful ladies who suggested I make my way down to the Gweden Farm for a bit of "fun." However, when I arrived in my Legion armor they party quickly went sour and I was forced to kill the three bandits in self defense.

Soon after I dispatched the sirens, I was approached by Gogan and Maelona, who revealed that they are members of the Anvil City Guard and were essentially using me to get to Faustina and Signy. I do not like being deceived and will make sure to include their misconduct in my report.

- Mandalador

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